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The 4th trimester is a sacred time when proper nutrition, support, rest, & preparation are crucial to a successful and comfortable recovery. It would be an honor to support your family. 

Hourly support available at $35/hour and shifts are a 2 hour minimum. After booking, I will send you a link so you can schedule postpartum visits anytime you like! View my specialized packages at the bottom of this page!

Ways I can support you as a Postpartum Doula: 

Light housekeeping and errands 


Birth debriefing
Organize meal trains/meal prep and cook nourishing meals 

Ayurvedic belly binding

Home made golden milk lattes

Epsom salt + essential oil foot baths

Essential oil use, education, and ability to purchase custom blends

Babywearing education, tutorials, and access to Emily's carrier library

Infant feeding support

Tips on scheduling self care

Caring for baby so parents can rest & have hands free time

Infant soothing 

Coping skills for parents 

Sibling transition & nannying
Preparing sitz baths and creating a relaxing environment 

Resourcing your family for all things postpartum, newborns, parenting, + more 
Postpartum visits are customized to your needs! Send me a message to chat about how I can support your growing family.

Postpartum Doula: Services


4 hours - $300


Picture this: You're tucked into bed in your freshly washed sheets, feeding your baby, essential oils are flowing, and a nourishing meal is being prepared for you. An herbal bath soak can be prepared if you have a tub, or I will prep a foot bath. I'll unpack your hospital bags, or organize/clean up from your home birth and refresh your bedroom + kitchen and do laundry. You've just experienced an initiation; becoming a Mother for the first time, or transitioning to being a Mama of more children. I will create a sacred and safe space to honor your experience, and celebrate all that you have accomplished.

1 hour - $115


Ayurvedic Belly Wrapping warmly holds your womb space, and helps to promote healing & recovery, and bring feelings of strength, mental/emotion stability, and support. Belly wrapping aids your muscles and organs to move back into their proper position, your pelvis and hips to close after birth, and relieve anxiety and depression. A belly wrapping session will consist of warm herbal oils applied to your abdomen, and a cozy hug from my handmade cotton muslin belly wrap. I will guide you through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise, and pranayama breathing if desired. Purchase of my belly wraps are available at $30 and I will teach you to self-wrap.

2 hours - $150


This session is like a mini workshop to cover your postpartum body, soul, and minds needs and cravings. We'll discuss postpartum specific nutrition, physical recovery, and self care. I'll walk you through newborn tips/tricks, breastfeeding & feeding education, and resource you with all you may need for your 4th trimester. We will create feeding stations, and sibling stations when applicapable, and padsicles if desired. Meal prep/trains are planned out and a mini supply of LMNT electrolyte packets are given. You are about to experience such a special moment in your life, let's get ready to honor you and your moment!

1 hour - $80.  2 hours - $100


I see you nesting away, Mama! I am here to help you get your space ready for your little one's arrival. Hanging clothes by age, arranging feeding, nesting, and sibling stations in multiple rooms, letting you in on my favorite newborn products, tips, and tricks...It's a nesting party! I can help to organize all your gifts after your baby shower, wash & fold baby items, and set your postpartum healing place. Let's create a safe and peaceful place to cherish the first sweet moments with your baby.

Postpartum Doula: List
Postpartum Doula: Pro Gallery
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