Gender Neutral Ways To Announce Your Baby's Sex

As we begin 2022, more and more people are realizing the importance of being inclusive of others pronouns and not assuming gender, sexual orientation and identity. This includes unborn babies as well! So how does this work at gender reveal celebrations? Gender is no longer represented by exclusively pink and blue, and many parents choose to raise their child non-binary, so a color assigned to a gender wouldn’t even apply to their familys style. If parents are choosing to raise their child by their assigned sex at birth and reveal this to their families, friends, and/or social media, there are fun ways to do a reveal while still being gender neutral friendly! Take a look at a few below…

1. A confetti balloon POP!

Use colors like green, yellow, orange, or silvers and golds! (Really any traditional “gender reveal” like smoke cannons, confetti cannons, etc. can be altered by using different colors)

2. Pop-Culture Theme

Use movie’s both parents love and assign a sex to each movie and see which parents movie plays to reveal the sex. Both teams symbolize male and female without the stereotypical gender roles, and everyone can join in on the fun.

3. Rainbow party

Bring more colors into the festivities by showing off the entire rainbow. Rainbow parties typically feature a cake with rainbow filling/candy inside, such as Skittles. Some versions of this multicolored pastry also include a piece of paper with the baby’s name or sex. When you cut into the cake, the candy spills out, and one lucky guest gets the paper along with their slice, or it is in the middle of the candy when it pours out.

4. Name reveal

Take the attention off of the sex of the baby and reveal the little one’s name! The sex reveal can follow up or be excluded all together, but the name of the baby is just as special!

5. Holiday reveal

Plan your reveal around a holiday or season, and celebrate with its according colors. Use pastel yellows and greens for an Easter party or dark oranges and reds for autumn. Include games to fit the occasion, such as an Easter egg hunt or pumpkin decorating. You could also do a concept reminiscent of Christmas in July to celebrate the season in which your baby will be born. Surprise your guests with red and green smoke cannons and holiday treats during a summer heatwave.

6. Old wives tales

Reveal the sex as boy or girl based on old wives tales (if they coincidentally do match with sex of your baby). You can tally up on a chalkboard, have guests guess the answers, etc…

7. Scavenger hunt

Take your party guests or family and friends on a fun scavenger hunt leading them to a banner, display, or piece of paper that says “girl”, “boy”, or even the baby’s name!

8. Alma mater rivals

Assign a sex to each parents college (this could work with sports teams, tv shows, books, etc.) and reveal the sex based on each parents college! (On a cake/food item, slideshow, chalkboard, jersey, onesie, etc)

9. Use sex symbols

Another inclusive way to announce your baby’s sex without applying gender roles and stereotypes, is to use symbols ⚤ that represent sex! Draw these symbols on boards, banners, shirts, or even write it on a cake! You could even have someone unwrap a gift that contains a physical art piece/object of the sex symbol.

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